Paul Trollope: what he will bring to Cardiff City

Paul Trollope’s announcement as manager was greeted with sighs, shakes of the head and lamentation – but, his appointment appears to be a shrewd one when looking at what he will bring.

Attractive Football

“I’ve always liked progressive, passing football”. Trollope is a clear advocate of fluid movement on the pitch that relies upon playing the ball to feet, rather than lumping it forward. Influenced by spells under Chris Hughton and Jean Tigana, the new City coach will look to implement panache and purpose.

The ex-Wales international also visited Spanish training camps during a seven month spell that was spent studying the coaching of Premier League managers – this demonstrates a clear intent on Trollope’s behalf to adopt the attractive philosophies employed by those in the elite of the footballing world.

It has also been said that Trollope prefers the gallivanting and adventurous styles of Fabio and Declan John at full-back than the tentative and cautious styles of Scott Malone and Lee Peltier.

Team Spirit

Working under Chris Coleman, Trollope will have seen first-hand the huge impact that a strong team spirit can bring. It looks as though he is keen to replicate the mantra that accompanies the Welsh national team, namely ‘Together Stronger’, at Cardiff.

Speaking to the press, Trollope demanded that “a positivity and real belief” is engendered “throughout the club”.

If this is created, then expect a team that works for each other tirelessly, as Coleman’s men do.

Welsh players

A Welsh manager at a Welsh club, it’s fitting, but it will mean much more than an ideal. Again, his role under Coleman delivers positives – his time working with the Welsh squad will have given him a layered, almost forensic insight into each player. Trollope will understand not only the technical abilities, but the psychology of a player: a key factor in determining whether or not to bring a player into a club.

Do not be surprised if Trollope exploits this and brings in some Welsh blood to the City squad. Potential signings include: Tom Bradshaw, Hal Robson Kanu and Adam Mathews.


One recurring criticism of Trollope’s appointment is the fact that he will repeat the failings of his predecessor Russell Slade. However, this will not be the case, with Trollope arguing he will bring his “own style” and Chairman Mehmet Dalman confirming that “he’s got his own ideas”.

The departure of the inexperienced Scott Young also spells the introduction of new staff who can provide fresh, un-biased views on the City squad.

Doesn’t look so bad, does it?

Attractive football, palpable team spirit, Welsh blood and the introduction of new faces on the training pitch who can spot unnoticed failures.


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