Klopp warns players they will be judged at the end of the season

As reported by The Guadrian, Jurgen Klopp has told his players that they if they are to have a future at Liverpool, they need to perform.

The German told the press that “I always say with players that I don’t sign contracts but it’s a contract for one year – a very good season the player can leave, a very bad one and the club will let the player leave. Anything can happen.”
Indeed, it can be inferred that the ex-Dortmund boss is issuing a warning to his squad: play well, or you’re out. Klopp appears to be introducing a fresh perspective to the Premier League; often, players keep their place in the team, or squad, based on last season’s performances – Mourinho and van Gaal have been guilty of this, with the likes of Hazard, Costa and Rooney all retaining their places. Apparently, this will not be the case at Klopp’s Liverpool.
Klopp also maintains that a “player can leave” regardless of their form, even if they’re having a “very good season”. This suggests that the Liverpool players’ careers at Anfield are always under threat: it remains to be seen whether this uncertainty will motivate, or debilitate.
Looking ahead to The Reds’ game against table-toppers Arsenal, Klopp told reports that “we have a new chance against Arsenal, a really good team, but we have weapons to be a real opponent in this game. What more could you want? One of [the] best teams in world, one of [the] best in the Premier League for sure and we can battle them, we can beat them. That’s what we want, we don’t think about the rest of the season, only this.”
Liverpool fans have claim to be confident heading into the fixture: under Klopp, they have beaten so called ‘top sides’ convincingly. Cast your minds back to away wins at Chelsea and Manchester City, and a home win against a Leicester side that were sitting at the the summit of the Premier League.

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