De Gea dispels rumours of unrest

The media has been awash with stories of unrest and dissent within the United dressing room.

It was reported that a ‘core’ group of players disagree with van Gaal’s disciplined and rigid approach; many speculated that this ‘core’ constituted the Spanish contingent at Old Trafford – De Gea, Mata, Herrera. Alongside this, Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney had supposedly questioned the manager’s tactics on behalf of the squad.

However, De Gea, speaking to Inside United dispelled such rumours, saying that: “there’s a great atmosphere. The dressing room is very together and united, they are a great set of lads and we’re all very happy with the group of players that we have and I think that’s really important in a team if it wants to achieve big things.”

van Gaal has also faced criticism with his inclusion of youngsters, most notably bringing on Powell for Mata against Wolfsburg. Yet, it seems as though the Spaniard is behind the Dutchman’s system of promoting of youth as he thinks “that the youngsters who are coming up through the youth ranks are fitting in really well.”

“They are all good players and after all they represent the future of Manchester United and I reckon that gradually they will become the side of the future and we’re all delighted that they’re with us.”

The 25 year-old then went onto reassure United fans after a string of poor performances and results, saying that “we’re training hard and we’re preparing well so we can go into those games at our highest level of fitness in order to get through December well-placed near the top of the league.”

Quotes courtesy of Inside United, and image courtesy of Sky Sports.


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