Messi tells critics to “go f***” themselves.

In a stunning interview with, the Barcelona forward did not hold anything back. 

The Argentinian national team has come under repeated fire in the press and from fans in recent years; when asked about such criticism, Messi responded “I say ‘fuck yourself’, we got to the final and didn’t lose in the quarters’.

This explosive interview took another twist when the three time Ballon d’Or winner claimed that “the anthem thing is ridiculous” and that he “never cared about it”. He further goes onto say that as soon as the press started to lament his apparent lack of patriotism, he “stopped singing it”.

Despite the Argentinian’s  phenomenal goal-scoring record, he still faces denunciation with regards to his lack of running on the pitch. In response, he stated that “there is no need to run all the time”  and that he waits for his “moment”.

Messi has, it seems, grown to be more reflective and philosophical about life when he said that “since my son was born, I changed. I understand life is not just about football”.

This interview acts as proof that footballers are not immune to criticism from the press, that they aren’t ignorant of such sentiments, as some have claimed in the past.

Thanks to @JuanG_Arango for translating the interview on Twitter.


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